Sean Hazell is a seasoned innovation leader having built brands from scratch and led global engagements across consumer categories for clients such as PepsiCo, Tyson, FedEx, Mattel and Virgin. He is a founding partner of New Skew, a food & beverage venture based in Toronto, Canada, that owns a portfolio of craft food brands. Prior to New Skew, Sean was Vice President of Brand & Innovation Strategy at Idea Couture, a global innovation consultancy (acquired by Cognizant Technology Solutions 2016). In this role he was responsible for designing and building its multi-disciplinary brand practice — leading teams of strategists, anthropologists, designers and futurists to uncover client growth opportunities.

Sean is a regular writer and speaker on brand-led innovation. Over his career he has developed several acclaimed personal projects. Most recently he was the creator of the Museum of Contemporary Work — an award-winning exhibit that explores the relationship between work & identity in the digital age. He is a board member of Third Path Institute, a Philadelphia-based organization leading the social dialogue on work and family.

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