Hazell & Co. is my consulting practice. The bulk of engagements I’ve done in the past involve strategy development in one of the following areas:

01 Brand & Marketing Strategy

Developing new brand & marketing strategies for both B-to-C and B-to-B companies. Playing a fractional CMO role for small businesses and early stage companies. 

02 Business Design & Innovation

Leading teams through the innovation process for the creation of new products and service offerings.

03 Strategic Positioning

Positioning or re-positioning a product, service, brand, new venture, or company; developing an accompanying Go-To-Market plan.

04 Comeback Strategies

Helping large legacy brands regain relevance through identification of new brand opportunities; developing new concepts based on existing equity.   

05 Organizational Storytelling

Developing corporate narratives for senior executives to better align employees, shareholders & partners; creating assets to help better socialize strategy across complex organizations. (e.g. brand plans,  investor decks, innovation roadmaps, employee playbooks)

When required, I partner with trusted friends from other disciplines on Hazell & Co projects. These include designers, researchers, business analysts and technologists. The goal is always to create a whole larger than the sum of its parts. 

Please drop me a line if you have questions or an opportunity you’d like to chat through –


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