Hazell & Co.

HazellLogo-navyHazell & Company is my occasional consulting practice. The bulk of engagements I’ve done involve strategy development in one of the following scenarios:

  1. Business Design & Innovation / Leading teams through the creation of new offerings (products, services and business lines)
  2. Brand Positioning & Prototyping/ Identifying new brand opportunities and portfolio extensions based on existing equity
  3. Marketing Strategy/ Playing a fractional CMO role for SMBs and funded startups
  4. Comeback Strategies/ Research, re-positioning and roadmapping for large legacy brands
  5. Organizational Storytelling/ Developing corporate narratives to better align and activate stakeholders (e.g. employees, investors, partners)

I have worked with organizations with headcount ranging from 1 to 500,000. Typical disciplines I partner with under Hazell & Co. include designers, behavioural & social scientists, business analysts and technologists.

If interested in a chat feel free to reach out- hazell.sean@gmail.com