Working Thoughts

I have worked on, written about and experimented within a lot of different subjects over the past 12+ years. Personally & professionally, these topics tend to weave through a range of themes – the constant is a restless curiosity in consumer and workplace cultures.

Below is a snapshot of some areas I’ve explored. Happy to share – or even better chat through – more of any of the following on request.

Select Topics 

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Select Personal Projects

  • The Museum of Contemporary Work / Creator (2016-Current)
  • Fixt Point (Tale of a Town) / Board Member (2015-Current)
  • The Reputation Playbook / Contributing Subject (2014)
  • The New Dad Daily / Personal Project (2013-14)
  • Her Nature His Nurture / Creator, Contributor (2009-2015)
  • Take Your Customer To Work Day / Creator (2009)
  • / Creator (2008-2013)